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Adam Sleight mrbass at
Thu Sep 14 00:05:58 GMT 2000

There is a link to nettach rpm which I installed on Red Hat pinstripe.  I
downloaded VA Linux 6.2.3 iso and attempted to install it but it bombed
right away during install. I wanted to try installing EXT3 for journaling,
oh well. Perhaps it was cuz I was using a SCSI cdrom..who knows.  This is
the software they use for their new NAS 9205 SE $30,000 unit.

So what the heck does this have to do with SAMBA? For people who only wish
to use their server as a file server appliance (CIFS, NFS, AppleTalk) with
user and group quotas it's makes it easy to use and administer.
username: netarray pw: netattach1

My problem is everything seems to work in configuring it except one MAJOR
problem.  It won't let me configure the Gateway device which should be eth0.

ifconfig shows only lo is put in the ip info again and then ifup
eth0 and ifconfig and it shows everything.  I can control it remotely on
port 8080.

I have a 3COM 905b network adapter and it says it works with:
Intel 10/100
NetGear/Alteon Gigbit Ethernet
(Any Linux-supported NIC should work)

but perhaps it's only those three network adapters above.
Anyone else want to try this out.  It's really simple just install the
netattach rpm about 250K, netatalk, sudo and samba 2.0.7.  I already had
nfs-utils installed. Then reboot.
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