Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Wed Sep 13 18:29:10 GMT 2000

    Hey, something weird happened: I have Samba running as a PDC & WINS
server, this Samba server is running @ our main branch in FT.
Lauderdale, FL. I am able to still see our TX, WA, NY, UK branches, but
I am no longer able to see our CA branch, but I am able to ping their
systems by name, so obviously WINS is working. I have never been able to
see our Holland branch.
    I had a win98 sys named Test Reports in my NY branch, and I changed
its name to NYTR. I am now able to see the "NYTR" in Network
Neighborhood, but I still see Test Reports listed. I have hit the
refresh button several times, but still both names show up. Is there
away I can reset the time that the NMBD daemon sends out its broadcasts,
so that if I rename a sys, both names will not show up????

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