NT sends computer name, not username to authenticate?

Markus Hoenicka Markus.Hoenicka at uth.tmc.edu
Wed Sep 13 15:11:34 GMT 2000


after upgrading to 2.07 I'm still struggling to get things right. I
now found out that I always get connected as a guest user when
accessing a Samba share from NT. I use security=share.

If I try to connect from my NT account markus with the password xyz to
the Samba share /home/markus which belongs to a Linux account markus
with the password xyz, I get smoothly connected, but I cannot create
or modify files. Looking at /var/log/smb shows an error message like
"Couldn't find user wutz". "wutz" is the computer name of the NT
box. Apparently the NT box sends the computer name instead of my user
name to authenticate and, failing to find a user with this name,
connects me using the guest account. The only workaround
(stumblearound?) that I found is to insert a valid user=markus in the
[homes] section. This will force Samba to ask me for a username and a
password. If I then enter markus and xyz, I'm all set, but this
doesn't seem like the canonical way of doing things to me.

Did I misconfigure the NT box? Or did I, once again, not understand
the smb.conf man page?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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