Swat authentication failures

Roman, James (J.D.) jroman6 at ford.com
Wed Sep 13 14:18:04 GMT 2000

Recently, I upgraded my Redhat server to 6.2.  I had already installed Samba
2.0.7-4 previously.  (From RPM)  (Note: a previous version of Samba is
supplied on the Redhat 6.2 CD, and appears not to have been installed.)
Since this upgrade, users have not been able to authenticate using SWAT.
The root and my administrator account work fine, but any other account that
I have set up does not work.  

I have tried uninstalling Samba all together and reinstalling 2.0.7-4,
replacing the smb.conf and smbpasswd files from the previous installation,
and get the same results.  I do have PAM modules installed.  But I don't
know if they would make a difference.  The root account does not have any
problem updating the smbpasswd file.  

Can anyone explain to me how SWAT Authentication works.  Does anyone have
any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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