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  You actually should have asked this question in the samba at
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  However, I think I remember you asking it there, too..

Ross Branje wrote:
> I currently have Samba 2.0.7 installed on a SCO5.5 box. I have seen previous
> posting regarding the fix to this name mangling issue but have had no luck
> resolving it. When I enable name mangling, the WIN9X pc's resolve long file
> names by inserting the mangling character and creating an 8.3 filename. When
> I disable mangling, the WIN9X pc's cannot see any file names longer than
> 8.3. The WINNT pc's are unnaffected throughout either of the changes.
> Because of large directory trees, the mangling character substitution and
> renaming to 8.3 format is not acceptable. For example, a directory may have
> sub-dir's that use a name & then a number( mylongdir1, mylongdir2...). The
> problem arises every 10 directories because mangling resolves mylongdir10,
> mylongdir20, mylongdir30 all to be mylongd~0. It is then impossible to tell
> which is which directory is which. I have compared my smb.conf with said
> file on a Linux box running Samba. The Linux box does not cause these
> problems but I have been unable to tell where the problem lies.

	Alas, I can't tell what the last sentence means...
	I think you're saying that linux doesn't have
	problems while sco does, but do you mean the clients 
	of the linux samba can see the long names, or that
	the mangling is done differently?

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