Samba with SSL from MS clients!

Selma Tekir selmatekir at
Wed Sep 13 06:15:18 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I wonder if it's possible to establish an SSL
connection from a Windows NT client to the Samba
Server. A document says that:

"Windows clients will try to connect to the SSL
enabled samba daemon and they will fail. This can fill
your log with failed SSL negotiation messages. To
avoid this, you can either not run nmbd (if all
clients use DNS to look up the server), which will
leave the Windows machine unaware of the server, or
list all (local) Windows machines in the "ssl hosts
resign" variable."

I used the second way, and sniffed the packets and the
data were not encyrpted. For the first option, it was
not possible to access the shares from the MS client.

Does anyone have an advice for me?

Best regards,

Selma Tekir

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