Problem with browsing.

Stuart sgall at
Tue Sep 12 10:24:41 GMT 2000


I am a newby to the samba lists and this has probably been handled before.

Samba used to work with two Win98 machines and a pentium 166 linux server 
using redhat 6.2.
I put a new disk into the server and reinstalled redhat and now I cannot 
get samba to work. I have been trying for weeks.

One machine will find the server ('bonnie') and then I can open shares on 
it.  The shares are not remembered on restart.  The share is not found in 
the neighbourhood network at any stage. The other computer wont find 
anything.  The win98 machines have not changed. I use clear passwords. I 
have reinstalled redhat from scratch several times.
I have put lmhosts files on all three computers.  Both computers ping.

I am sure it is a configuration problem and any help in tracking this down 
would be very welcome. (I am considering using an axe soon).


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