almost printing.... need final step help.

M. Neidorff mark at ja.justanswers.prv
Tue Sep 12 00:37:35 GMT 2000

Hi folks,
Well, its been more of a battle than I would have liked to
get printing working.  Now I'm almost there. I don't think
that I have a networking problem, but anything is possible.
Here is what log.nmb is showing me:

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[2000/09/11 18:54:27, 1] nmbd/nmbd.c:main(747)
  Netbios nameserver version 2.0.6 started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1994-1998
[2000/09/11 18:54:27, 0] nmbd/asyncdns.c:start_async_dns(150)
  started asyncdns process 1056
[2000/09/11 18:54:50, 0] nmbd/nmbd_become_lmb.c:become_local_master_stage2(406)

  Samba name server JA is now a local master browser for workgroup JAGROUP on subnet

[2000/09/11 18:54:50, 0] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:find_domain_master_name_query_fail(362)
  Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name JAGROUP<1b> for the workgroup JAGROUP.
  Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup.   
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I'm stumped about the error in the log.nmb file.  What does
it mean and how do I fix the problem?  (I'm not an NT
person, so I really don't understand the idea of a "domain
master browser" , how to set it up, etc.)


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