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Mon Sep 11 14:13:27 GMT 2000

I have been running a samba network at home with great success for several months.  I just recently wanted to do something different.  I wanted to map one of my windows 98 boxes to my samba server. I have tried several different ways including using swat.  I can see the machines but cannot see the shares.  I tried to map anyway(in case they are not browsable by Linux but still there[ they are there because I share them on my network to other win98 boxes]) and I still failed :(    

I also just created a printed share. A HP laserjet 4 which prints great in linux.  I can see it on my windows 98 boxes but when I print to it, it does nothing.  Not even an error.

Below you'll find my smb.conf any help would be greatly appreciated



# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from X.X.X.X (X.X.X.X)
# Date: 2000/09/09 10:38:54

# Global parameters
	workgroup = X
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	hosts allow = X.X.X.X, X.X.X.X, X.X.X.X

	comment = public files
	path = /mnt/public
	read only = No

	comment = personnal folders
	path = /home
	read only = No

	path = /tmp
	guest account = 
	guest ok = Yes
	print ok = Yes
	printer driver = HP LaserJet 4/5/6 series, non-PostScript

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