smb.conf issue

Chris Watt cnww at
Mon Sep 11 14:07:24 GMT 2000

>is there any reason why a command like 
>	net use i: \\sambaserver\intranet
>still prompts for a passwd ???

Yes. A few issues stand out:

You have: 
>	[intranet]
>	broseable = yes
. . .

There is no "broseable" parameter ;-) Try instead "browseable = Yes"

>	[global]
>	security = share
>	password server = nt-server

And to quote from the smb.conf man page entry for "password server":

>By specifying the name of another SMB server (such as a WinNT box) with
this  option,
>and  using "security = domain" or "security = server" you can get Samba to
do all its
>username/password validation via a remote server.

A whole host of problems (no pun intended) can come out of this, they would

1. You may not have defined a guest account which exists on both the UNIX
server and the remote NT server, which would cause authentication problems
when you try to login as a guest.

2. In the above configuration with "security = share" you may not be
connecting to your remote password server at all.

3. Your password server machine may be running Win2K or otherwise
incompatible with password encryption in Samba.

4. Your password server may be set to require encrypted passwords (the
default for Windows) whereas Samba may be set to use plain-text passwords
only (the default in many binary distributions of Samba).

5. Your password server may not be accepting authentication requests from
your Samba server.

etc. etc.
Have fun ;-)

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