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Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Fri Sep 8 14:35:40 GMT 2000

Jeff.Myers at wrote:

> I know there was a release of 1.9.14 or something like that that was ported
> to Netware back in '96.  I have not been able to locate a newer version
> since then.  It "appears" that this version did not support domains.  What
> I would like to do is have my Netware servers participate in the domain as
> a member server, or at the very least, a BDC in my local NT domain.  I want
> to be able to control access to these shares/directories via NT accounts
> and groups, if possible.
> Anyone know how to make this work with this older version?  How about a new
> version?  If neither will work, does anyone know of another solution of
> gateway product (other than Microsoft's gateway services).

Why don't you use the NCPFS support on Linux (assuming you're using
Linux servers) to mount your Netware volumes onto your Linux servers,
and then simply share them as normal with Samba?
> FYI - We are running Netware 5.1 and NT 4.0 as our domain servers (no
> Windows 2000 servers yet).

Hmm - you could shift your Netware boxes to *nix, and run Samba, and
mars-nwe for the Netware clients. However, this is probably to difficult
to implement without losing some functionality - I'd expect you'd end up
buying NDS for Linux.



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