mount: only root can do that

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Fri Sep 8 13:37:56 GMT 2000

You need to set the suid bit on the /usr/bin/smbmount, /usr/bin/smbclient,
and /usr/bin/smbmnt, then you can use smbmount to mount Samba shares.
Alternatively, you could set the suid bit on the /bin/mount command but
that could open up other security problems.

Road Runner wrote:

> I am having a problem letting users mount there samba shares.
> The root user has no problem mounting . But regular users get the error
> "mount: only root can do that "
> when trying to execute the following.
> mount -rw -t smbfs //jelly-bean-iii/E /home/ca43887/E
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Charles

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