bug in smbmount and smbclient with 8bit filenames

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Thu Sep 7 20:37:41 GMT 2000

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Jason Haar wrote:

> Looks wierder than that. That file actually contains a question-mark char -
> which is (supposedly) illegal under Windows. I had our Windows guy do a
> hexdump under Win2000, and it's 3F - "?"... which is the single-char
> wildcard char.

Create a file a¨b.txt and list it with smbfs to repeat the problem.

Can you see the char between the a and the b? It should be a "diaresis"
which one might expect to have a value of 0x00a8 in unicode (which NTFS
uses). But it may also be a "combining diacritical mark", which looks just
the same (only if combined with space?). That one has a unicode value of
0x0308 which is hard to fit in a 8bit value.

(http://www.unicode.org has charts of unicode character values)

The diaresis is translated by the server into a " (0x22) which is how
smbfs reads and writes the value.

I think the bug is either that smbfs and smbclient do not tell the server
clearly enough that they do not support unicode, or that the server does a
bad translation for these non-unicode clients and then gets upset when the
client responds with the translated string.


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