One more file

Johnny Wilfild dark_wilfild at
Thu Sep 7 14:45:28 GMT 2000

I' ve a mini-problem with my samba.
I' ve Solaris 5.7 and samba 2.0.7 but in my /usr/local/samba/bin there are 
many file without smbmnt or smbmount (i don't know the exactly name). Samba 
appears run normally my server sun is in Domain and for what I want, Samba 
run properly. The once file that miss is smbmnt if you could send me I will 
most please you.
Ah smbmnt you can send me in source code and binary compiled too ?!?!?

Tnx for my questions and send me the file :)

Follow an greet in roman dialectic:

Un Saluto in Romanaccio: Ao ve' ringrazio anticipatamenne pe' er file ke me 
spedirete me raccomanno' bella rega'.

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