bug in smbmount and smbclient with 8bit filenames

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Tue Sep 5 19:12:22 GMT 2000

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Jason Haar wrote:

> OK, there are none. This mount works fine - no smb_request/etc messages.
> It's just that it spits the dummy when faced with 8bit filenames.
> Please note that this affects smbclient 2.0 AND TNG too - it's not just a
> Linux smbmount problem...

smbclient is someone elses headache.

Please note the difference between smbfs and smbmount. This problem is in
smbfs, not in smbmount.

> BTW, these "8bit filenames" aren't some strange character set, they are just
> filenames with 8bit characters in them (i.e. luser error during "Save As" :-)

What exactly do you mean by 8bit characters? unsigned char is a 8bit value
... are you talking about 0x00-0x1f or 0x80-0xff? A "strange" character
set would be using parts of 0x80-0xff (unless unicode, which it is on
NTFS but not on FAT).

Could you find the binary value of these characters? Or tell me how to
create a file with a non-working name.

> [jhaar at crom]$ /bin/ls -la
> ls: Handheldw?screens.eps: No such file or directory
That character has a real value. which? smbfs fails here when it tries to
find more info about the file, using the filename.

(This problem wouldn't appear if smbfs was a little more clever and used
 the fileinfo it reads at once, most likely a great speedup for ls. Or if 
 it was even more clever and spoke unicode with the NT.)


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