Compiling on Solaris 7 w/ spro 2.0

Grant Beattie grant at
Tue Sep 5 14:56:08 GMT 2000

> > [The code optiomization advantage is primarily visible with
> > level 5 optimization and profile feedback: gcc does pretty
> > well up to about -O3, and I'm distinctly biased in favor of Sun CC]
> Obviously :-)
> I'll give it a shot.

I needed to build the following files with no optimisation:

Everything else was compiled with -xO4 (highest level of optimisation in
spro 2.0).

Not sure if it works yet, it could be completely broken. :-) I'll let you
know if it works, and if so, might be worth modifying the autoconf script to
check the version of spro and play with optimisation flags accordingly?


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