Compiling on Solaris 7 w/ spro 2.0

Grant Beattie grant at
Tue Sep 5 14:22:23 GMT 2000

David said:

> Compiling smbd/fileio.c
> smbd/fileio.c, line 220: compiler error: no table entry for op REG
> cc: iropt failed, iropt & cg passes skipped for smbd/fileio.c
> 	In the short run, I'd turn off optimization on that
> 	.o file.
> 	In the long run, I'd use the 1998 compiler set, not the
> 	1992 one: I'm running WorkShop Compilers 5.0 Dev 10/13/98
> 	C 5.0 Dev Build build76, and samba compiles happily.

What optimisation level do you use with spro 5.0? (we have a copy of spro
5.0 but don't use it since we don't have a license) :-)

> --dave
> [The code optiomization advantage is primarily visible with
> level 5 optimization and profile feedback: gcc does pretty
> well up to about -O3, and I'm distinctly biased in favor of Sun CC]

Obviously :-)

I'll give it a shot.


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