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Tue Sep 5 14:11:44 GMT 2000

Kourosh Ghassemieh <kourosh at> wrote:
| I did a google ( search for btrieve and samba and
| came across an post by someone who had solved his btrieve
| problems with Peachtree Accounting.  I hope it helps.

	The posting was from
and said:
I am storing peachtree accounting software on a samba server also
this is what i used to get around the strange locks and so forth...
made a unix group called peach and added valid users to that group
and gave correct permissions to the unix path and added this to my
i don't know if this a correct way to approach this but it gives
everyone r/w
access to the dir
that belongs to the peachtree group

 comment = Peachtree
 writeable = yes
 valid users = @peach
 printable = no
 browseable = no
 force group = peach
 create mask = 0770
 force create mode = 0000
 directory mask =0770
 force directory mode = 0000

-Bryan O'Shea, bryan.oshea at

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