sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast.

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Tue Sep 5 09:53:29 GMT 2000

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> Subject: 	Re: sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast.
> [Robert Bartels <rbart2 at>]
> > I'm trying to run samba but my log keeps getting filled with errors.
> > sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast happens
> > every few seconds...
> I don't think this has anything to do with Samba.  It seems to be a
> faulty TCP/IP stack on the machine whose IP you see.  (That or a buggy
> switch/bridge, I suppose.)
No and yes : i knew this error message well and had to live with it until we
cut our LAN into some VLANs.
The error comes (in our case) from buggy mainframe equipment.

The error appears always and on each machine running samba (all versions)
when the nmbd are started.
The error disappears immediately on all machines when the nmbd are stopped.

> You may be able to configure syslog to ignore these messages.  Probably
> not, but check.  There also might be some kernel parameters you can
> configure, depending on what version of Unix you are using.
Sorry, but IMHO the only thing you could do is to bring these machines (the
ones that send the invalid packets) into a separate LAN Segment (via VLAN or
router, just as you want)

> Peter

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