Compiling on Solaris 7 w/ spro 2.0

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Sep 5 09:27:16 GMT 2000

[Grant Beattie <grant at>]
> smbd/fileio.c, line 220: compiler error: no table entry for op REG
> cc: iropt failed, iropt & cg passes skipped for smbd/fileio.c

Exact version of Samba?  The line number, by itself, means little.  My
version of Samba doesn't seem to have anything suspicious on line 220
of that file....

Alternatively, give us just a little context of the line it barfed on
so we can locate it:

  head -225 smbd/fileio.c | tail -10

> Please don't suggest we use gcc instead; We use spro because it
> produces faster and tighter code than gcc ever will.

Your compiler reports itself to be exactly 8 years old.  (Frankly, I
find it hard to believe that such a compiler would generate sun4u code
at all.)  When did you last evaluate gcc?  How much worse did it do at
the time?  Just curious.


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