mac hang on locking file read

Frank Nagel f.nagel at
Tue Sep 5 06:04:10 GMT 2000

hello folks!

i have an problem with samba, mac and excel. maybe filelocking?

follow; one net with samba as fileserver, win98 and mac's. protocolls
only smb (MAC with dave 2.1-2.6). samba with strictlocking=on

the problem; when is an dokument opend by Mac (with excel98), the
win-client becomes an requester 'file is already opend by user...' while
read the file. if the document opend by windows (with excel 97pro) and
the Mac will opend it, he hangs with the excel98 startlogo so long while
the file opend by win; if the file closed, the loading on Mac goes
arround and ready.

any ideas?


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