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Tue Sep 5 01:04:19 GMT 2000

Hi Casey,

Did you checked the username and password on both windows and linux boxes?
These should be the same.  If ever you don't have a logon server for your win9x,
please set samba to act as one.  You can also delete all *.pwl from your windows
boxes to ensure that no other password is locally saved other than the one in
the linux box.

Also, try to enable encrypted password option.

hope this help.  i was in that situation before.



I'm running Red Hat 6.2.  Both smbd and nmbd are up
and running.  I can see my Linux box from PCs in my
LAN.  Problem is, I can't access them.

I tried the troubleshooting guide found at,
and got as far as the second step.  When I do
"smbclient -L myserver," I get the following error

session request to ODYSSEUS failed (Not listening for calling name)
session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening for calling name)

Can anyone explain to me what's wrong?

Casey Machula
Northern Arizona University

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