Windows 9x user authentication

Meredith, Daniel Daniel.Meredith.01 at MCKENNA.EDU
Mon Sep 4 07:37:28 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I need to setup a public share on my smb server to allow all users to map
the drive.
This is the current entry in the smb.conf file:

        path = /share
        comment = public
        read only = yes
        guest ok = yes
        browseable = no

It is currently asking for a username. The same file worked last year, and
the only change that was made to the existing infrastructure is that all
users log into the NT domain now. I want the share to allow hosts (IP based,
taken care of in the global definitions) regardless of username. This was
not an issue before all clients logged into the domain.

Ideas on how to get around this without using the username and
authenticating to the PDC?


Daniel N. Meredith
dan at
dmeredit at

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