samba and multiple codepages

Tobias Diedrich ranma at
Sun Sep 3 21:21:26 GMT 2000


Is there some way to get Samba to use different codepages for different
clients ?
This is because I have a few Computers using Codepage 850 (Latin-1) and some
others using Codepage 932 (Japanese).
Samba is currently configured for Codepage 932 and filenames are stored in
EUC format.
I'd like to have Samba use UTF-8 for Filenames on the Server and send all
names in Unicode to the Client (Like Win NT +ACY- Win 95 do AFAIK), but as far
as I know Samba still does not have full internal Unicode/UCS support ?

One problem I have (and which I suspect to be a samba bug) is the following:
If I create a file or directory containing a german Umlaut (From a CP 850
Client) it will work with files, but not with directories.
Another Problem is accessing a CD containing Files with Japanese characters
(ISO9660/Joliet format).
To access them on the Server I have to set the utf8 option of iso9660 fs, so
all filenames are in utf8 format,
but since I cannot configure Samba to use utf8 encoding for this directory,
I cannot access some of the files.


Tobias Diedrich

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