smbd daemon not starting up

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Sep 2 23:01:25 GMT 2000

[Ian Gillon <iangillon at>]
> My problem is that the smbd daemon is not starting up.

Running Samba from inetd is not recommended.  (Except SWAT.)  In
particular, nmbd can give problems when run this way.

> I have installed Samba on HP-UX 11.00. Does anyone have this
> version running ok that can help.

What is  Is that an HP-distributed version?  I am running
2.0.7 (compiled from source) on HP-UX 11.00 with no problems (well,
actually, I don't use it so there could be problems I'm not aware of)
and NOT using inetd.

I'll attach my startup script (copy this to /sbin/init.d/samba, make it
executable, and make appropriate links to /sbin/rc*.d/).  Note that you
may need to change the PID directory for your installation, as I don't
use the default.

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# samba startup - Peter Samuelson
# portions gently lifted from existing HP-UX config scripts

# where smbd and nmbd live, and what their path should be

# where the *.pid files live

case "$1" in
  # HP-UX fancy shmancy boot message sequence
  start_msg) echo "Starting Samba daemons" ;;
  stop_msg)  echo "Shutting down Samba daemons" ;;

  start) smbd -D; nmbd -D ;;

  stop) kill -TERM `cat $s_pids/` 2>&-
        kill -TERM `cat $s_pids/` 2>&- ;;    

  restart) $0 stop; $0 start ;;

exit 0;

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