can efax and/or sane be shared ???

Kenward Vaughan kaynjay at
Sat Sep 2 18:38:29 GMT 2000


I'm a rank beginner with Samba and networking in general (not being a
computer guru doesn't help with this either.. :) and was hoping someone
could help with this.  

I've searched back through a chunk of the archives with no good answers
about the subject...  I'm running Debian Woody on my primary machine and
Potato on the server at home.  I want to keep the scanner on the server
and also be able to fax out through its modem.  Efax seemed to be the
ideal simple solution for this, but is Samba a good way to do it?  And
can SANE be set up somehow to give me "transparent" access from X on my
Woody box?  Is Samba the right tool for this?

I'd really appreciate any help/suggestions about a best approach to

Kenward Vaughan
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