Samba 2.0.7 and slow transfer speeds with Windows 2000

infernix infernix at
Fri Sep 1 22:03:56 GMT 2000


This was posted in august and july, but i have had no reaction since. I
didn't really mind then, because i just blamed my old P120 server. Hoewever,
things changed: I installed a new server at work and at home, and with all
those different configurations, the problem still persists!

Let me sum up what the problem is. I have two machines here.

The SERVER, a P133 (or 150) with 64MB ram. This machine has a 3com 3c905c

The CLIENT, a dual 366 (BP6) with 256MB ram. I have overclocked them to 533
(97mhz bus speed), but this is not the issue here, since that would affect
windows 98 as well, which it doesnt. Besides, the same problem occurs when
not overclocked and on different machines. It has a 3com 3c905C NIC.

On my CLIENT, i can dual-boot to Windows 2000 or Windows 98. I did a speed
test by booting to Windows 2000, running the test, rebooting to Windows 98
and doing the exact same test again. I copied a 107MB mp3 file from my
SERVER to my CLIENT, which gave me the following results:

Windows 2000:
    Samba:    almost 4 minutes (238 seconds)
    FTP:        27 seconds.
    238 divided by 27 = 8.5 times slower.

Windows 98:
    Samba:    26 seconds.
    FTP:        20 seconds.
    26 divided by 20 = 1.3.

Conclusion: Samba is 1.3 times slower than FTP in Windows 98, and 8.5 times
slower in Windows 2000.

Originally, I was hoping that this is a Windows 2000 client issue.
Unfortunately, I have not found a way to tweak Windows 2000 to speed up the
SMB transfers at all. I have tried to change settings as described in MS
Knowledgebase document
Q169789, but since this didnt affect FTP, it didnt affect Samba either.

At that time, I had contacted David Collier-Brown. He compared the logs
between the transfer of the file in Windows 98 and Windows 2000. This is
what came out of that:

Good news and bad news:
  I've got comparative logs for win2k vs NT 4.0, and win2k is
doing things **very** differently and as much as 8.5 times slower.
  The bad news is that the cause of problem hasn't jumped out at me!

  Windows 2000 takes 4 minutes 29 seconds to read a file that NT 4.0
reads in 1 minute 10 seconds.

  We've narrowed it down to Samba (ftp is fine) and eliminated
obvious hardware/networking problems, so I'm now sitting here
in filemerge (the Sun visual diff) with snippits of two smbd logs...
which I'm about to inflict on you!

>From Win2k
[2000/08/01 18:23:11, 3] smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(805)
Domain=[INFERNIX]  NativeOS=[Windows 2000 2195] NativeLanMan=[Windows  2000

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