Clustering samba?

Jeffry Smith smith at
Fri Sep 1 20:24:48 GMT 2000

I've clustered Samba (2.0.7) using Kimberlite, at :
(warning - I work for this company, I'm prejudiced) 

You need to set up the files (except /etc/smb.conf) to be on a shared
SCSI disk, and make certain that samba is looking only at the floating

The only  problem I've had is during failover, where, if someone
tries to access the share while the system is failing over (node1
down, node2 not up yet), the client gives an error message ("host or
file not found"), but gives the same error message after node2 comes
up.  However, if the client accesses node1, the system fails, node2
comes up, and the client accesses, they don't get the error message.
I'm getting things set up to sniff the wire on this, see what's

If you want help, you can e-mail me, and/or join the kimberlite
mailing list from the above site).


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> Can you cluster samba using VCS, or some other clustering product?
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