Samba on Sun

Frank Carreiro fcarreiro at
Sat Sep 2 05:01:15 GMT 2000

Yes.  Go to and download the correct version for
your system.  They are all packages so just do a package add then your
pretty much set to configure.  We're running Intel Solaris 2.8 systems
and the install was a no brainer.

Frank Carreiro
Unix Systems Administrator

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> Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 13:41:07 +0200
> Organization: TeleServer Extremadura S.L.
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> Hello.
> I'd like to know if Samba can be installed on Solaris. If so, what
> are the
> steps to follow?
> If my question is not well defined please let me know.
> Thank you in advance for your precious time,
> Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo
> jgutierrez at

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