Samba performance compared to Windows 98

Steve McClary scm at
Tue Oct 31 22:21:45 GMT 2000

I've had exactly the same problem - opening a 6 MB Access file from the 
Samba server is an order of magnitude slower than opening the same file 
from a Windows 95 (!) shared server. File copies are much faster from the 
Samba server, as expected. Is there something about opening an Access file 
that makes it so much slower than a simple file copy?

Steve McClary

At 10:40 AM 10/31/2000 -0500, Kim Payne wrote:
>         I have a small network with 12-15 users.  In an effort to start 
> migrating
>to a client/server architechure instead of a peer-to-peer, I have removed
>Windows 98 from a Intel PII 600 mhz / 512 MB SDRAM / 3Com FastEtherlink NIC
>and installed Linux 2.2.17.  I configured Samba to share files to our
>Windows 98 clients.
>         The write performance of Samba seems to be much slower (on the 
> order of
>200% slower) than Windows 98 on the same hardware.  I have read the
>documentation on the options to improve performance listed in Using Samba
>and in the docs directory.  I am unable to find an option to bring the
>performance on par with Windows 98 when opening Microsoft Access databases
>from the shared drive.
>         Does anyone know of an option I can change or have any other 
> pointers I can
>use to try to improve the performance?  Thanks for any help you can provide.
>Kim Payne
>CiRViS, Inc.

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