WIN2K can't connect to samba

rparker at rparker at
Tue Oct 31 21:19:05 GMT 2000

In testing I have the following setup with 172.16.x.x IP numbers
    Win2K server 
    Linux machine running samba
    Win 98 laptop client

	These are aggregated on a switch which is connected to
another linux box running IPCHAINS/MASON for connectivity to
the 'outside' world and another samba server on a 'real IP' number.

  Ok, my first question - I can force the WIN2K to find the
inside and outside samba server.If I try to open a share (the
icon for the machines are there) it says "\\server not
accessible" and "The account is not authorized to log in from this station". 

I am happy to post my smb.conf but thought I would try first to
see if there is a more 'generic' problem between Win2K server
and samba that I need to look at first. Host/deny is all ok for
the IP number of the WIN2K box.

My samba server is setup security=share, plaintext passwords
are currently enabled, and the only other thing that I'm not
sure about is that the WIN2K server was setup by the vendor as
being in DOMAIN LANVPRNET whereas my samba servers are setup as
WORKGROUP AV100. I tried changing the 'inside' samba server to
workgroup=LANVPRNET but that didn't work either (I waited about
a half hour to try it). I'm stumped...

Thanks in advance,

Rich Parker
Director of Engineering
Vermont Public Radio

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