Samba performance compared to Windows 98

Kim Payne kpayne at
Tue Oct 31 15:40:24 GMT 2000


	I have a small network with 12-15 users.  In an effort to start migrating
to a client/server architechure instead of a peer-to-peer, I have removed
Windows 98 from a Intel PII 600 mhz / 512 MB SDRAM / 3Com FastEtherlink NIC
and installed Linux 2.2.17.  I configured Samba to share files to our
Windows 98 clients.

	The write performance of Samba seems to be much slower (on the order of
200% slower) than Windows 98 on the same hardware.  I have read the
documentation on the options to improve performance listed in Using Samba
and in the docs directory.  I am unable to find an option to bring the
performance on par with Windows 98 when opening Microsoft Access databases
from the shared drive.

	Does anyone know of an option I can change or have any other pointers I can
use to try to improve the performance?  Thanks for any help you can provide.

Kim Payne
CiRViS, Inc.

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