fstab - smbfs

ldc luc.de.coninck at kh.khbo.be
Tue Oct 31 09:10:05 GMT 2000


I use Linux 2.2.16 from SuSE, version 7.0. I tried to include references
smbfs in fstab (all in one line!) 

//arbas/kradmin /home/ldc/arbas/kradmin smbfs
username=ldc,auto,user,uid=500,gid=100,fmask=700 0 0

In startup the following error is shown:

/home/ldc/arbas/kradmin: invalid option --v

ERROR - Could not determine network interfaces, you must use a

Afterwards, when loging in as superuser and giving "mount -a" all is OK: 
the connection is made with /home/ldc/arbas/kradmin (mount-point)

On the internet I found many questions about this problem, but no one
gives the solution.

Perhaps I can have a hint? Thanks for reading.

Luc De Coninck

"de kraal", Zeedijk 100, 8400 OOSTENDE - BELGIE
tel.: +32 (0)59 56 89 89		    mailto:luc.de.coninck at kh.khbo.be
fax : +32 (0)59 56 90 01		    http://www.khbo.be/de_kraal
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