Getting swat running on RedHat 7.0

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at
Mon Oct 30 17:05:32 GMT 2000

Dear group,

	Please email me at margaret_doll at

	I am trying to get swat to run on an upgraded RedHat system.
/usr/sbin/swat is running on the system.  I have changed the line in
/etc/xinetd.d/swat from

	only_from = localhost


	only_from =

	I have rebooted, restarted xinetd, restarted swat.  I still get a
refused connection with I try to connect to
on the webserver.

	/etc/services has the correct line for swat on port 901.

	What have I missed?

					Margaret Doll  (x3-1982)
					margaret_doll at
					(401) 745-7306 (beeper)

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