Printer Driver Installation

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Oct 30 16:27:35 GMT 2000

Mike Black wrote:
> Success#1
> I successfully installed one NT printer driver -- was 
> able to connect and use from another work station.

Good :-)

> Problem#1
> Trying to install the 95 driver on the same printer 
> results in: move_driver_to_download_area: Unable to rename 
> WIN40 to WIN40/0 

Bad :-(

> Obviously trying to rename a directory  like this won't 
> work.  Is this just a bogus rename that should maybe 
> be skipped? I notice that from the printer INF file that 
> one file gets renamed into the "0" directory -- it's the 
> only one that isn't compressed. All the rest of the 
> files are compressed.

Ummm....they should all be uncompressed at this point.
Have you tried installin this Win95 driver on a real NT 
workstation/server?  Strange....

Can you recreate this and send me the smbd level 10 
debug log?

> Problem#2
> Every other printer I try to install gives a message 
> "Alternate drivers cannot be installed. The printer 
> driver is unknown".

Something is corrupted it sounds like.  Can send me a 
full trace (smbd debug log at level 10 & raw packet capture)
of problem #2 (please include the authentication step).

btw...please send me the debug logs, network traces, etc...
off list :-)

Cheers, jerry
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