WINS clients not showing in browse list

Jeremy jeremy at
Mon Oct 30 05:56:29 GMT 2000

Well, to answer my own question, after a recommendation from a
friend, I renamed the win98 machine and sure enough, the new name
shows up in nethood. Name it back to the old name, still shows
up. Interesting, this operating system. Still wondering about the
win2000 situation.

On a side note, I'm wondering how long a client stays in
browse.dat? During my testing, I brought up samba on my linux
workstation, since it's on the same subnet as the 98 machine. It
was added to browse.dat after a few mins. But smbd/nmbd have been
down for quite a while, yet it remains in the list.

TIA, unless I answer myself first, again =)

-Jeremy M. Dolan

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