Samba 2.0.7 packaging Solaris update

Marek Gradzki marekg at
Fri Oct 27 19:02:49 GMT 2000

I just rewrote prototype file and added some new scripts used during
of Samba on Solaris platform. I also supplied example smb.conf file in the
exaples (Samba as Primary Domain Cotroller and Windows NT Logging Feature)
Now during installation:
- You are asked if changes in the inetd configuration files have to be made
- If changes in the inetd daemon config files were done automatically
kill -HUP is send
to inetd daemon
- Samba is started just after the copying files to system.
- Some changes were done in the static_prototype file just correcting Samba
when the system run level is changing.

I also have binary package of Samba 2.0.7 for Soalris 7 on Intel x86. Are
You interested in it?

Marek Gradzki
marekg at

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