What the #*$& did MS change this time?

Dwight Tovey dwight at micron.net
Sun Oct 29 20:39:45 GMT 2000

On 29-Oct-00 Tom Syroid wrote:
> Win98 and NT-SP4 and above (includes Win2K) sends passwords to Samba 
> encrypted.

That was it.  Thanks.  Once you pointed me in the right direction, I remembered
seeing that in the docs when I originally set up Samba.  I hadn't bothered to
set up encrypted passwords before since this is strictly an internal network. 
Now I have a minor problem where it doesn't seem to want to accept null
passwords, but that's something that I can live with.  It really just means
that my computer-illiterate wife will have to type in a password now.

Thanks again.

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