browsing across subnets

Avantel Systems alex at
Sat Oct 28 02:46:49 GMT 2000

Well, actually ipsec should be carrying those netbios packets through on =
used for the ipsec tunnel so do *not* open your firewall for ports 137-13=
9.  You
verified that there was access to those ports by the last test I suggeste=
d and
that test passed.

Since you can see (all?) the hosts in the browse list, that tells me the
samba servers are communicating OK which means those netbios packets are =
through that ipsec tunnel.

Have you tried turning domain logons OFF - or are you truly trying to mak=
samba do domain logons?  I suspect the source of your problem at this poi=
nt (now
that you can at least see the machines on the other subnet in your browse=
is simply permissions & user/password issues - have you checked that? Are=
using share or user level security?  Try creating a share that's open to
everyone and see if you can browse that.  Also try turning on debug and c=
the log files for possible errors.  (yes, you may have to dig into some o=
f the

Also, what -if anything- did you have to chage to get the hosts to be vis=
ible in
your browse list? =20

Alex @ Avantel Systems

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> >
> >By that I am assuming it is either a routing or firewall problem=20
> >keeping the connection from working.  Pinging the client works fine=20
> >though.  How can I find where the problem is to solve it?  The=20
> >connection between and is via a freeswan=20
> >ipsec tunnel.
> Make sure ports 137, 138, 139, both tcp and udp get through.
> Regards,
>         Robert

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