NT client connection to smb server question

Tom Syroid tom at syroidmanor.com
Fri Oct 27 21:03:05 GMT 2000

Have you created the smbpasswd file?
Have you set the "encrypted passwords = yes" option in smb.conf?


--On Friday, October 27, 2000 8:44 AM +0000 Jon Allen 
<joncallen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there:
> I've setup a samba server on my linux box.  I'm trying to connect an Nt
> 4.0  client to a samba share.  I was working through diagnostics.txt and
> did the  following:
> net use x: \\honeybee\test.docs
> [response]
> The password is invalid for \\honeybee\test.docs.
> Type the password for \\honeybee\test.docs:************
> System error 1240 has occurred.
> The account is not authorized to login from this station.
> Any thoughts?  I'm assuming the smb.conf file is fine (ran testparm
> smb.conf  and it checked out) and the problem is on my NT client side.
> Any  suggestions would be helpful - I've scrolled through some of the man
> pages/faq's and can't find a reference to this.  Thanks!
> Jon Allen
> joncallen at hotmail.com
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