A unix-windows-samba sync problem

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at canada.sun.com
Fri Oct 27 18:54:55 GMT 2000

Lorenzo Corradini wrote:
>  Now USER modifies with vi the text file to obtain version 1.2 (for example).
>  Now if USER goes again back to the Win95 PC and opens with notepad the
>  text file he still sees version 1.0. 

	As other folks said, oplocks.
	One low-hassle way to ensure that "pc" files are
	always up to date is to pretend they're on a
	pc: run smbsh and edit the pathname "/smb/<serer name>/
	<share name>/<file name>.

	Smbsh provided a local virtual file system that
	acesses all the smb servers in your workgroup via
	the smb protocol, and causes oplocks to be treated

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