Questions on smbmount for AIX 3.2 and ULTRIX OSF1 v3.2

Gastone Donini g_donini at
Fri Oct 27 10:02:10 GMT 2000

I am interested to samba application in some UNIX
operative systems such AIX, OSF1 and so on.
I need to connect an old IBM AIX 3.2 risc and another
old DIGITAL dec3000 OSF1 V3.2 with a PC WindowsNT4. I
know that samba is the product i need, but i also need
to expand the hard-disk memory of the 
AIX and OSF1 because they are full. I do not want to
by a new scsi hard-disk to expand their memories, so i
think that 'smbmount' samba product can resolve my
problem, but i do not know if it is available for
operative systems other then Linux.
Can anyone help me to resolve my problem?
Sorry for my english not very correct.
Thank you for the answer.

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