A unix-windows-samba sync problem

Lorenzo Corradini lcorradini at katamail.com
Fri Oct 27 08:27:27 GMT 2000

 Good morning,

 first of all thank you very much for the help and suggestions about how
 to hide shares to users that have no rights. Now I have another problem.

 The configuration is:

 1) A linux server (RedHat 6.2), samba 2.0.7, a text editor (vi).
 2) A Win95 PC.

 The user (USER) creates with vi a text file (version 1.0) in his home
 directory on the linux server. Then USER goes on the PC and tries
 to access (through samba) to his home directory. It works and with
 notepad USER can also open the text file created before with vi (version 1.0)
 Now USER modifies with vi the text file to obtain version 1.2 (for example).
 Now if USER goes again back to the Win95 PC and opens with notepad the
 text file he still sees version 1.0. Why? The file is changed and he still
 sees the first version of the file. Now, if USER selects the file and chooses
 "property" and opens the file with notepad he sees version 1.2. Again, why?
 Why he sees the new version of the file only after the "property" selection?
 For example, the F5 (refresh) action has not the same effect.

 The problem is mission critical for me because in a more complex case, vi
 is a unix software that creates text files that have to be read and
 elaborated in real time by another software running on Win95. Well, the
 software on Win95 doesn't read the last modified file created in unix.

 Can you help me?


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