Bug in NT-Printer Driver Uploading to samba-2.2.0alpha0?

michael.kappler at primedisc.com michael.kappler at primedisc.com
Fri Oct 27 08:17:40 GMT 2000


I try to replace our existing NT 4.0 printservers by a Linux 2.2.16
kernel-based box with samba-2.2.0alpha0 on it. NT printerdriver uploading
is essential for the replacement.
The samba-server runs in security=domain mode and I've installed all the
shares and directories as discribed in the PRINTER_DRIVER2.txt docu.

The connected printers are HP LaserJet 4000N laser printers with
networkinterfaces built-in. The printers are setup as REMOTE on the
Linux/Samba box and printing from the console to the printers works. The
definitions in the /etc/printcap are automatically loaded by samba. When I
connect to the Samba from an Windows NT 4.0 client, I can see all the
printer in the print$ share.

Now, when I try to upload the Windows NT printer drivers from the client to
the samba server using the "add printer wizard", the copying of the
required driver files starts and all the *.dll etc. are copyied to the
\\print$\w32x86 directory. But I get an error message saying "Unable to
change to the specified driver. Original settings will be restored" just
after all the needed files are copyied to samba.

My Qustion: is this a bug? I think there is something like a "database",
where Windows NT server stores the information, which drivers are already
installes on it. Is there a comparable file on the samba?

It looks like after copying the drivers to samba, it tries to register the
installed driver in a file, which does not exist on my samba box. It seems,
that the "add printer wizard" can not locate which driver files to use for
the printer and cancels with an error.

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