Browsing samba on Nethood

Venantius Kumar venanks at
Fri Oct 27 05:29:10 GMT 2000

Hi everyone.
I am a newbie to smb and samba.  I have 2 PCs at home
and have connected via network.

One PC is fully win98 while the other dual boots to
Linux.  I wanted the win98 to see the Linux machine
while running Linux on the Network Neighbourhood.

I am running RedHat 6.1 with Samba 2.05a.  Now I have
followed the Howtos and other help materials but I
still can't see my Linux box on the win98 Nethood.

Can anyone help me here.

I also want to know how to browse the network to see
all the win9x PCs on the network.  For instance, on a
win98 PC all I have to do is click on the Network
Neighberhood Icon and a window pops up showing all the
PCs connected on the network with the prior knowledge
of these PCs.

Any help and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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