"Network is Busy" Error Message

Lee Howard faxguy at deanox.com
Fri Oct 27 03:48:44 GMT 2000

At 06:37 PM 10/26/00 -0700, Steve McClary wrote:
>I have a Samba server on a Dell Poweredge 2300 running RedHat 5.2 . About 
>20 users, all on Win98, connect to  this server, most of them with mapped 
>drives but not all. System has worked fine for over a year.
>Recently, many of the users (but not all) are getting a "Network is Busy" 
>message from Windows when they boot up in the morning and try to connect to 
>Samba share, though most of them don't get the message every time they boot 
>up.  I haven't been able to isolate anything peculiar to those users that 
>encounter the error, and it is erratic enough that I can't get it to repeat 
>on any consistent basis. Usually, the user can connect successfully to the 
>Samba share as soon as their machine finishes booting up.

I'm having "similar" troubles.  Look through your logs (in mine
/var/log/samba) and tell me if you see anything strange.  I have messages
about write_socket_data having broken pipe.  Do 'grep "write_socket_data"
/var/log/samba/*' to check for this.

For those of you following my issue, note that the problem persisted even
after I enabled a netlogon.  I just reinstalled samba-2.0.7, and I'll see
how that goes, but I have my doubts.  I'm beginning to think that it has to
do with samba-sensitivity to network traffic or a flaky hub (even though
the network doesn't have a heavy traffic load).

Lee Howard

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