Win 2000 copy operation locks 2.0.7

Randy Wilkinson randyw at
Thu Oct 26 23:33:51 GMT 2000

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Server box:
  SuSE Linux 6.3
  Kernel 2.2.13
  Samba 2.0.7 

Client Box:
  Windows 2000 SP1

If we copy a bunch of files from the client box to the server box, 
using Windows Explorer, usually happens with larges file such as 
MP3s, and the files include sub-folders with more MP3s in them, 
the samba server comes to a halt.  All connected users can no 
longer see the server box.

The Win 2000 box looks like it is continuing to copy, but after a 
little while it produces a strange message...something about  
directories nested too deep.  It can no longer see the server box.  
The server box has to be rebooted to get everyone going again.

Win 95/98 boxes can do the same trick with no problems.  Win 
2000 boxes lock up the server every time.

Got any advice?

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