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Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at gmx.net
Thu Oct 26 22:50:13 GMT 2000


On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 22:25:46 +0200, Nagy Gabor Peter wrote:

>To achieve this, in smb.conf I had to add an interfaces line, listing 
>the IP address of the ppp link. But now, I cannot start nmbd if the 
>link is not up, because it complains about not being able to bind to 
>the IP.

You might try something like this:

Rename your smb.conf to smb.conf.global, delete "interfaces = xxx".

Create a new smb.conf like this:

      interfaces = xxx
      include = /path/to/your/smb.conf.global

Now start nmbd with "-s /path/to/your/smb.conf.global".

This will prevent nmbd from seeing your interfaces configuration.


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