diff subnet client can't write?

Ajay Sharma ssharma at odc.net
Thu Oct 26 18:53:39 GMT 2000

First off:

Redhat 6.2, i386.
Samba 2.0.7

I have several WindowsNT clients connecting to a share [production] and
everything is fine.  They are on the _same_ subnet as the samba server.

Now I have a Windows98 machine on a different subnet that is connecting
to the share.  They do this by mapping a network drive to the share and
just typing in "\\hostname.domain.com\production" for the share and it
connects just fine.  They are correctly authenticated.  The problem is
that the user sorta can't write to the directory.  When they open it up
in explorer, they can read all the stuff and even create folders which
is weird, but they can't modify any files.  

The Windows98 user is setup EXACTLY the same as the WindowsNT users (as
far as the unix stuff goes and on the domain controller), but he just
can't write to the share.  

Is this because he's on a different subnet?  Do I have to "allow" the
subnet?  I figured that since he's connecting then what's the point of a
"hosts allow" line?  


Satyajot (Ajay) Sharma 
ssharma at odc.net
Digital Odyssey System Administrator
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