Scott Ehrlich se at
Thu Oct 26 15:43:54 GMT 2000

Hello David:

Did you happen to enable "Encrypt Passwords" in the smb.conf file on your
Solaris system?  It is possible, with Windows 98's enhanced password
encrytion, that Samba doesn't know enough to let in the 98 box until Samba
itself knows about MS encrypted passwords.

More detail is available in the configuration FAQ on Samba's web site.


On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, David Allan wrote:

> Hello
> This may be a known problem which has been fixed by a subsequent release of
> SAMBA. Having set up a new machine on the network, the user cannot map a
> network drive to the shared file systems on our SUN SOLARIS 2.7 machine. The
> new machine uses WINDOWS98 while all of our other machines use WINDOWS95.
> The user can map a drive when logging in on my machine, so we think the
> problem is a configuration problem in WINDOWS98. Any help or pointers would
> be much appreciated.
> Regards
> David Allan
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> 46 Underwood Road
> Paisley
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> United Kingdom

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